Interview with Ian Verdun and Jeremy Hart
Interview with Dr. Regina Edmond

The City of Angels Children’s Charities and Scholarship Foundation, founded in 1985 by Dr. O.C. Smith and Robbie Gholson Smith, assists deserving high school graduates and continuing college students in their quest for higher education.  The purpose of the scholarship is to augment the growth, both academically and spiritually, of tomorrow’s leaders.

To date, over fifty Los Angeles area students have graduated from colleges and universities thanks in part to the Foundation.  Our awardees have matriculated at Harvard, University of Southern California, Dillard University, LeTourneau University, Spelman University, Morehouse, Georgetown University, Grambling State University, University of California at Berkeley, Colorado State University, San Diego State, University of California at Santa Barbara, Cal State Northridge, Clark University, Drake, Cal State East Bay, Cal State Long Beach, University of Michigan, Florida State, and more.

The Foundation raises funds through charitable events including concerts, dinners, auctions, seminars, and corporate sponsorships.  We also humbly accept private donations.  Previous donors include the late Wilt Chamberlain, Joseph Patton, June Eckstein, and Edgar Twine, and many more generous souls such as Rev. Dee James, Donna Bryan, Dora Smith, Carol Brewer, and Yvonne English.

While the majority of the Foundation’s scholarship money goes toward high school seniors intent on higher education and continuing college students, additional targets for financial support include children from single parent homes, underprivileged and foster children, and others.  All students who meet the minimum requirements are invited to apply. 

For more information you can download the scholarship brochure (download brochure), and apply by download and faxing the scholarship application (download college student application, download high school student application).

If you have questions, please fill out a contact form.

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Dr. Robbie Gholson Smith speaks with scholarship winners Ian Verdun and Jeremy Hart.

Dr. Robbie Gholson Smith speaks with scholarship winner Dr. Regina Edmond.